Founders Message 
From C.P. Mehrotra and Mrs. Asha Mehrotra (Chairman & Manager) 
God created us as family and this does not mean just our biological family or our community. Ultimately our family includes all God’s children around the world. We ought to be saying, “We have a deep reverence for you, little ones, because even thought you may be a problem, you are a God-carrier. You Belong to God.” Each of God’s children has a pre-consciousness that can’t be measured. We must look on children in need, not as a problem but as a individuals with potential to share if they are given the opportunity. Even they are really troublesome, there is some good in them, for, after all, they were created by God. We would hope, we could find creative ways to draw out of our children the good that is there in each of them. Education is the most important tool we all can give to every child. Bless you! 

(Dr. Anju Mehrotra)
“If you have built castle in the air, your work need not be lost, that is where there should be, Now put the foundation under them”. -Henry David Thorean We strive to grow beyond our works, ascend the stairways of concepts and emerge ahead of accomplishments, when our students look into the ocean of life, they see that is made of thousand different currents…each one a different colour. The experiences of these students emerge vivid and vibrant through effort. Yes. We realize that ensconced in them is the ability to metamorphose into newer versions to join with other experience and explore other facets of life! 

We lay the ground work for these competencies to flourish because we believe that learning in a vacuum isn’t the foundation for an eventful future. We know that to unveil such potential freedom of expression and enterprise becomes a pre-requisite and when nurtured with patience, persistence and perseverance the students learn to exercise prudence and realize that today’s decisions are tomorrow’ realities. 

My blessing and best wishes for efforts which brings out this issue “Nukunj” for their efforts and creativity. I also reaffirm any belief in the magic of unshackled ideas and unrestrained creative insight in the youngsters of today… May God bless all my students !! I wish them the success in all walks of life!! 

Vice- Principal
(Ms.Onika Mehrotra) 
The beautiful oasis of youth that KPS had built in 1974 shines vividly today. I am confident that all young students will inherit the ‘never say die spirit’, fighting all obstacles in their lives and emerging as winners. 

Everyday should be a day of fresh resolve, your face as fresh as the morning dew, living each day to the fullest. 

I look forward to see you becoming the shining light of hope, development, happiness, peace in this world, forging ahead with the dauntless spirit.

Before I conclude my message I would like to say, “You all are diamonds, KPS has given shine and shape to, so never let this shine fade and keep shining and smiling!”